who we are

SpotCo has played a leading role in developing Broadway’s most iconic brands, from the stenciled typography of Rent to the strikingly bold star of Hamilton. We are a team of storytellers and research nerds, digital gurus and media-buying mavens — all driven by both brains and guts. We take laughter seriously and leave our egos at the door. We celebrate diversity because we know it makes us stronger. We are passionate about what we do, and compassionate in how we do it. We believe our end goal is to enrich the lives of audiences from all around the world. And that is what motivates us.


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Expertise and a deep passion for entertainment are at the heart of all we do. It’s through that lens we work to invite and inspire others to experience the transformative, one-of-a-kind power of live events.


Question everything.

Curiosity can’t be taught, but we certainly encourage it. While Spotco is home to design and marketing experts, we are still ambitious learners, continually pushing ourselves to build our skills and forge new paths.

Creativity is our job.

At our roots, we began as a creative agency. And to this day, those early seeds continue to grow. We approach every challenge with a creative mindset, with every Spotco employee, regardless of job description, embracing and infusing their own brand of creativity into every project.

Looks matter.

We believe in the beauty of design and the power of imagery to tell a story.

Work is play with deadlines.

Spotco has never and will never lose sight of the benefits of having fun. We enter every room joyfully embracing the art of play as the freedom, fearlessness, and exuberance of our childhoods drive the work that we do.

Celebrate differences.

As every project we work on deserves a thoughtful, unique approach, we rely on our kaleidoscopic team, one that represents a beautiful prism of individuality. Our unique stories and lived experiences make us exceptional, and that makes our company one-of-a-kind. 

Welcome home. 

We believe in treating everyone like family.  Whether you’re a client, a team member, or a guest in our space, we will always keep your best interests at heart and we’ll always be honest. And we will never forget your birthday!

Impactful spaces designed with intent.

Our office reflects a desire to create spaces that welcome, nurture, and celebrate the people who inhabit them.

EDI value statement

SpotCo’s Audience Inclusion and Engagement Initiative is a bold community-based response to the industry’s need to expand the makeup of Broadway and Off-Broadway audiences. Creating new pathways to engage underrepresented communities, we identify the productions that align with their values, mitigate barriers of entry by addressing accessibility, and hold space for deeper engagement. Representing a vast mosaic of backgrounds, our in-house group, and external partners, will tap into their–and our–shared experiences to ensure that the theater is a place where everyone feels safe, seen and always respected.